1. Registration

After reading the course description, click the Register button.

2. Creating an Account or Signing In

  • If this is your first time registering for a Continuing Education Course, click the Create a new account link.
  • If you have previously registered for a Continuing Education account, enter the Email Address and Password that you registered with and click Sign In. (Skip to step 3.)
  • If you have an ASURITE UserID, click the Sign in using ASURITE UserID link and follow the instructions on the ASURITE login screen. (Skip to step 3.)
2. Creating an Account or Signing In

2a. Registering for a new Continuing Education Account

Enter your Email Address, First Name, and Last Name in the appropriate fields and click Create new account.

2b. Account creation complete

Check your email for further instructions. The link in the email will allow you to set a password and complete the checkout process.

2c. Return to CE website

After clicking the link in your email, you will be directed to the Reset password page. Click the Login button to continue.

2d. Create your password

Enter and confirm your password. Scroll down and click Save.

3. Review Shopping cart

The course that you registered for will appear in your Shopping cart. Click the Checkout button.

4. Checkout

Click the Continue to next step button.

5. Review order details

Review your order details and click Continue to next step.

6. Checkout Complete

You are now successfully enrolled in the course. Click My CE to verify your enrollment in the course.

7. Access Course Link

Use the Blackboard 1.0 link to access the course.